Prajananam Brahma

Prajananam Brahma -God is knowledge knowledge for all organised by Kasyapa Veda Research Foundation

April 3rd 2016 marked a historic event in the land of kerala. Acharyasree M.R.Rajesh an hardent follower of Maharishi Swami Dayananda Saraswathi organized the “samelan” of all vedic followers in kerala naming it “Prajnanam Brahma” (GOD IS KNOWLEDGE KNOWLEDGE FOR ALL).


The day started with Chatur veda Yajna performed by the Ashram Purohits where all the  “VAIDICS” (disciples of acharasree who have completed 10 years of vedic study and who have actively worked for vedic propagation) were present.The first Female purohit smt Dhanya Shinoj was also present during the yajna.

After the annadhanam in the afternoon session the veda ratna puraskaram was awarded to sri .Roop Kishore Shastri ji for his work in organizing veda samelan and keeping the vedic tradition alive for decades throughout India.

“samskara “Award  (best journalist award) was presented to the editor of Kerala Kaumudhi daily newspaper for his true journalism.

Therafter a procession of 25 thousand people started from ashram premises towards the Prajnanam Brahma venue which was at the sea shore of Calicut. The procession was filled with showcasing traditional  kerala art and culture along with the vedic heritage of bharath with display of Maharishi Dayanandjis life and his contribution of towards reviving vedic tradition in bharath thus the “ghosha Yatra” became one of its uniqueness in kerala and the people of Calicut were mesmarised seeing the huge crowd for our procession.

The procession reached the venue at 5 pm were acharya Rajeshji was welcomed by the youth wing of kasyap ashram he was accompanied to the dias along with his wife and children as we had to give the message to the world that when Grihasta ashram becomes spiritual then there will be only peace and love in the world.

Vivek arya, vipindas arya , muraleedharan arya, suresh Arya accompanied Acharyasree to the stage.all the 14 vaidic degree holders also accompanied acharyasree to the stage.thereafter Acharya inaugurated the function by lighting the lamp.Acharyasree gave a 20 minute  speech regarding the importance of vedic learning according to the teachings of swami dayananda saraswathi .

He further said that we have to go back to “Tapas” to overcome the tension and pressure of the present  work and living environment.Taps is the only way to achive tranquility and peace of mind. The equality in practicing the same vedic ritual throughout the world is the only way in achiving “shanti” in this world.he further added that sanathana vedic dharma teaches the humanity that love and peacefull living is the only way in attaining  “Moksha”and thus we will know the true essence of the omnipresent God.

After his speech 2500 ladies chated veda mantra which created awe among many public and media. In a place where females are not allowed to enter religious places Acharyasree has taught Veda Mantras to thousands of people irrespective of caste creed or gender.

Then the historic initiation of a female purohita was done by acharya and acharya patni.she was given the authority to do samskara kriyas hitherto done only by male purohits in south india. This made the people talk that kasyapashram not only talks about equality but practices and implements it too.

7 more vaidic certificates were issued to the most deserved candidates as suggested by Acharyasree. Certificates for completing one year vedic course was distributed for people coming from all 14 districts of kerala.

Thereafter Acharya sree honored Our brothers from north india who had come in support of Acharyaj sree ,Sri.Suresh Chandra Aryaji , Swami Sampoornanad ji , Sri .Anil Arora ji , Sri.Dharam pal Aryaji . Special mention was made  to Sri.Mahashay Dharampal JI (mdh) for his invaluable contribution to support Kasyapashram and sri  Vinay Arya jis coaordination to support the same. The participation from north India was an inspiration to the kerala public as they saw nearly 50 people had attended the samelan.

Thereafter acharya sree made the historic proclamation of “Vedas to the humanity irrespective of caste creed or gender” this was the dream of Maharishi Dayanada which is fulfilled in kerala through acharyasree rajesh ji

Therafter the 75thousand people in the ground pledged(took oath) to take Vedic studies to the nook and corner of kerala at this time param pitha paramatma as a sign of his blessings showered a little rain drops to make all the participants more enthusiastic,the shower was on the hottest day of summer in Calicut.

The event closed by cultural musical instrument with song which is sung in temples of Kerala  .the most interesting thing was that it was played by a  “Muslim”. A close to extinction musical play named “MIZHAVIL THAZHABHAKKAM” only known to one family in Kerala made way to the closing ceremony.

All of the people chanted Shanti Mantra and left the ground.


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