Arya Samaj Vikas Puri D Block

(Arya Samaj Temple)

Arya Samaj D Block Vikas Puri was registered in the year 1988 with its registered office at C-370 Vikas Puri. In earlier days activities were used to take place at the houses of esteemed members. Late Sh. J.P Ahuluawalia, the first President Of Arya Samaj with Late Sh. Suresh Bajaj, Mrs. Sudesh Khanna, Subhash Sethi  and Late Sh. PK Jindal initiated the efforts of registration of AryaSamaj and applied for Land allotment from DDA.


Subsequently with concerted efforts of Late Sh Jaswant Rai Madan, Late Sh Shyam Sunder Bajaj and Late Mrs Pushpa Kalra, they identified a site in D block for the construction of present Arya Samaj Mandir. Late Pandit Hem Raj Shastri devoted himself for this cause and started Daily and Saptahik Havan at site and stayed at site till construction of Yagshala commenced.


Construction activity started with with full vigour and strength. Sh Ram Ji Lal Goel, late Mrs Pushpa Kalra, Sh O.P Ghai, Mrs Bhagayawati Malhotra, Mrs Sudesh Khanna, Mrs Kailash  Oberoi and Mrs Prabha Jindal created awareness in the neighborhood and raised funds for Arya Samaj. Construction of Yagshala and Satsang Hall started in full swing and very soon the site has taken a shape of activity center of Arya Samaj. Col. Ramesh Madan, Harish Kalra, Baldev Sachdeva, Anil Bhatia, Jyoti Oberoi, Sh Janak Raj Sethi, Sh. AnoopGhai, Vidhya Ram, Sh Susheel Malhotra, Vaneeta Chawla, Sarla Nizawan and Rama Malhotra started taking interest in the movements and their efforts today brought the name of Arya Samaj Vikas Puri as one of the leading Arya Samaj in West Delhi. Association of Shyam Dass Sachdeva with Vikas Puri was a great help and he took his last breath during Prabhat Pheri of Arya Samaj Vikas Puri on 22nd March 1997.


Activity of Guru Virjanand Lab started with Homeopathy section and very soon General Physician was appointed. In May 1996 Sh Janak Raj Sethi donated funds for opening Pathological Lab. With the dedicated efforts of the Managing Committee Members and help of Donors, other departments were also created. In last 25 years Guru Virjanand Dharmarth Aushdhalaya has emerged as One of the biggest OPD in West Delhi with all facilities of Pathological Lab, Digital X Ray, Ultrasound, Dental, Physiotherapy center and team of  Medical specialist in all the fields of Allopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurvedic. Free medical camps are also organized for the benefit of society from time to time.


Looking at work done by Arya Samaj Vikas Puri and efforts put by Sh O.P Ghai, Sh Baldev Sachdeva & Sh Dayanand Dhayia, MCD has named Road in front of Arya Samaj as Guru Virjanand Marg and park in C Block as Maharishi Dayanand Vatika. Maintaince and upkeep of Vatika is being done by Arya Samaj and this Park is now serving the local residents and children.


Mahatma Hansraj Pustakalaya is also being run for the benefit of local residents, where they could take advantage of Vedic Litrature. Pustakalaya’s first convener was Late Sh Dharamveer Aggarwal, who put his efforts in organizing the Library and he used to take care of the books like his own children. With efforts put by Harish Kalra, Ramesh Madan and Suresh Bajaj; till now Arya Samaj Vikas Puri has published 2 Samarika. One on 12th February 1995 and other on 26th April 1998 & collected funds for construction of Arya Samaj Mandir .


Matrimonial services under guidance of one of our patron Sh Prem Kumar Bhatia are also being used very effectively. Mr Sushil Arya provides moral education to Arya Veer and Veerangna Dal. Ladies Yoga, Meditation and Vidhya Daan Shivers for poorer section are also being organized with active participation of Pradhana Smt Uma Soni and Mantrani Vanita Chawla.


Shastri Surya Dev ji is also extended his services for arranging Havan in the houses and contribute greatly in promoting Vedic Idealogy and taking mission of Swami Dayanand to the mankind in this area. During 2010 to 2012 with dedicated efforts put by Sh Subhash Tyagi, Sh O.P Ghai, Sh Dayanand Dhayia & Sh Janak Raj Sethi second floor of Arya Samaj Mandir has been completed on time and space is being utilized in modernizing the facilities in Guru Virjanand Aushdhalya and second Satsang Hall has been kept ready for community use.


Members of Arya Samaj D Block Vikas Puri pay their rich tributes to the invaluable contribution made by noble souls who are not present with us physically but their contribution to society will always be remembered for years to come.

Arya Samaj D Block Vikas Puri is committed to fulfill the dreams of Swami Dyanand and the voice of Arya Samaj to mankind and continue to work for the upliftment of society with their Karamath Workers of Vikas Puri.


Arya Samaj Managing committee desired to have its website and wanted to attract younger generation through electronic media so that knowledge of Vedas and Message of Swami Dayanandji can be spread among youths. Committee of Harish Kalra, Anil Bhatia & Anoop Ghai  interacted with  Mr. Kshitish Gulati and his team from Wicked Eye Entertainment and incorporated valuable suggestion of Sh O.P Ghai, Sh Baldev Sachdeva, Sh Janak Raj Sethi and Sh Dayanand Dahiya to complete the website and is being uploaded on 29th September 2013 by Sh. Sudhir Pahuja.

D Block, Vikas Puri
West Delhi,  Delhi,  India

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Premises Snapshots

Office Bearers

Sh Harish Chandra Kalra
President (प्रधान)
Sh Baldev Raj Sachdeva
Secretary (मंत्री)
Sh Om Prakash Ghai
Treasurer (कोषाध्यक्ष)
Librarian (पुस्तकाध्यक्ष)
Dean, AVD (अधिष्ठाता, आर्य वीर दल)
Vice President (उपप्रधान)
Joint Secretary (उपमंत्री)