Arya Samaj Gandhidham

(Arya Samaj Temple)

Established by Late Shri Laljibhai Gohil in 1954, was joined by youngsters in 1986. Since then Arya Samaj Gandhidham, got an impetus and became a model Arya Samaj in India due to constantly increasing activities and relief work done during natural calamities. Arya Samaj is one of the most prestigious-social and voluntary organization in Gujarat State. The joining of youngsters in 1986 started the success story of Arya Samaj Gandhidham, attaining the present status from nothing in 1986.

M D Marg
Gandhidham,  Gujarat,  India

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Office Bearers

President (प्रधान)

Secretary (मंत्री)

Treasurer (कोषाध्यक्ष)

Librarian (पुस्तकाध्यक्ष)

Dean, AVD (अधिष्ठाता, आर्य वीर दल)

Vice President (उपप्रधान)

Joint Secretary (उपमंत्री)

Past Events

Divya Vedic Satsang Samaroh
12-Jan-2018 To 14-Jan-2018
64th Annual Adhiveshan
12-Jan-2018 To 14-Jan-2018


Shri Bhikhu Bhai Goel