The international Arya Maha Sammelan in Singapore was held on November 1 and 2, 2014 at Arya Samaj Singapore. The program started with 11 Kund Yagyna in open air at the grounds of Little India, Singapore.  Over 400 guests from India, Mauritius, United States, Canada, England, Australia, Nepal graced the event with their presence. The chief guest of Sammelan was Mahashaya Dharampal Ji, founder of MDH Spices from India. Even at 91 years, Mahashya ji is as energetic as ever, and has dedicated his life to Arya Samaj.

Many local and international dignitaries and guests were present at the Sammelan, most notably, Sh. S.P. Singh (Member of Parliament, Bhagpat, UP, India), Sh. SC Agarwal (Ahmedabad), Sh. Dharmpal Arya (Delhi), Sh. Vinay Arya (Delhi), Acharya Gyaneshwar Ji (Rojad, Gujarat), Swami Taspati Ji, Acharya Prabha Mitra Ji (Kurushetra), Acharya Sanat Kumar Ji (Rohtak), Sh. Prakash Arya (Madhya Pradesh), Dr. Satish Prakash (New York). Mr. & Mrs. Hari Varshney (Vancouver), Mr. & Mrs. VD Sharma (Atlanta).

Sh. O.P. Rai, President, Arya Samaj Singapore welcomed all the international guests. The two day Sammelan gave delegates an opportunity to engage in a dialogue on Ved Prachar activities in different parts of the world and learn about the challenges that they face. Sammelan program included Pravachans, and lectures surrounding around theme of Vedas for world peace.

Arya Samaj in Singapore was established in 1914 as young man’s Arya Samaj by the Hindu members of British Indian Army who was under the leadership of freedom fighter Subash Chandra Bose. Arya Samaj in Singapore stands today as a pillar of Hindu community in Singapore right in the center Little India. The 4 story Arya Samaj Bhavan was originally built in 1963 and is located on a busy street across from the popular Mustafa Mall. Arya Samaj Singapore is well known for its 12 DAV Hindi schools across Singapore with a curriculum that has been approved by the Singapore Department of Education.

The second phase of the international Arya Maha Sammelan continued on in Bangkok, Thailand on November 8th and 9th. Sh. S.P. Singh, President, Arya Samaj Bangkok welcomed all the guests. Leaders of entire Hindu community in Bangkok were present to show their support. Arya Samaj in Bangkok, Thailand was established in 1920. The Arya Samaj Bhavan, located in Sathorn district consists of a large event hall, guest apartments, an open air Yagyashala and a newly inaugurated Vedic library.  The delegation from India, United States, Mauritius, Canada and England were present at the Bangkok Sammelan.

Attending the International Arya Maha Sammelans was a humbling experience. It was an honor to meet veteran leaders of Arya Samaj from all over the world, while making many new acquaintances. Arya Samaj has a rich history in South East Asia and it was truly remarkable to experience it. I am reminded of a popular Arya Bhajan line, “वेदों का डंका आलम में, बजवा दिया ऋषि दयानंद ने”. Today, the Aum Dhwaj flies with glory even in these remote nations. Delegates left the two Sammelans with renewed zeal to carry forward the Ved Prachar work in their different countries.