: Narayan Prasad
: Vanprasth
: Married
: Dead
: 01-11-1865
: Aligarh
: 14-10-1986
: General

Father :

Munshi Surya Prasad

Spouse :

Devi ji

Before Sanyas was taken his name was Naryan Prasad. Primary Education was in Arabi and Farsi . In the mean time he Himself Studied Hindi & Sanskrit.when he was student he got oppurtunity to see Swami Dayanand at Muradabad but dur to his Pauranic Teachers he was not able to go to listen his Lectures this he regretted his whole life. After the death of wife and son instesd of doing other marraige he joined arya samaj . He joined Arya Pratinidi sabha Sanyukta Pranta, Head of Gurukul Vrundawan, sarvadeshik Sabha ke Pradhan and First head of Arya Satyagrah, Hyderabad. when 14th chapter of Satyarth Prakash was Banned at sindh ( Pakistan) so he protested at Karachi. in 1922 he took Sanyas Diksha Fram Swami Sarwadanandji and well Knowed from the name of Mahatma Naryan Swami


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